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"Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God." Romans 15:7

Church is not just a place to go. Church is connections and relationships ~ people working together to partner with Christ in caring for all people and all creation.  

  • We volunteer with and donate funds to institutions concerned with hunger, racism, and the environment, both local and national businesses as well as international organizations.

  • We host community organizations in our building ~ Martial Art for kids, Computer Game competition 

Whoever you are, wherever life has brought you, you are welcome here!

Faith United Church of Christ is a Bible based church. We believe in the word of God in it’s entirety

We are people of faith. we trust in the power of healing, salvation of soul and transformation of the mind to be Christ-like 

Welcome to Faith United Church of Chris, Burnet, Union
we have been a useful tool in the hands of God and His kingdom for over a century.
we have come a long way to help build your spiritual life as we journey together in the word of God.
join us in wordship every Sunday by 10:30am.
your life will never remain the same again.
God bless you.
  • Packed with grace and power by the Holy Ghost, Pastor Oyewola Oyeleke as he is popularly called, has been a pastor for over 20 years, with experience in international missions and evangelism.
  • Pastor Oyewola Oyeleke is a prolific author with some of his bestseller books, Missionary Christian, Cell Ministry insights, Wealth of Riches, Soil of your heart, Church Ministry, Light of lights, and Greet
  • A teacher, life coach, writer, businessman and author, Pastor Oyewola Oyeleke is a pure believer of the Holy Bible, a follower of Jesus Christ and a seasoned believer of the efficacy of the Word of God .
  • He teaches the Word with boldness and truth, he has touched many lives with the gospel of Jesus and with the power of God healed many from their sickness.
For prayers and counseling, Pastor Oyewola Oyeleke will be available 24/7 

Pastor Oyewola Oyeleke

Presiding Pastor,

Faith United Church of Christ,

Union, New Jersey,


Pastor Oyewola Oyeleke, Pastor, Faith United Church of Christ.
Increasing Online Presence

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Moderator's Corner


You are highly welcome to the house of God, the place of the word of God. This Church acknowledges as its sole head, Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the savior of all people. It acknowledges as brothers and sisters in Christ all who share in this confession. It looks to the word of God in scriptures and to the presence and power of the Holy Spirit to prosper its creative and redemptive work in the world.
You are all welcome to Faith United Church of Christ, Union.


Our Purpose

The purpose of the church shall be to worship God, preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, and celebrate the sacrament; realize Christian fellowship and unity within this Church and the Church Universal; render loving service towards humanity; strive for righteousness, justice, and peace; deepen spiritual understanding, and promote the Christian life



We are one big family in the love of God,holding ourselves in faith and the communion of the Holy Spirit


One Family

We hold ourselves in high esteem, praying, fellowshiping together as one big family in Church and at our various homes


True Love

With the Love of God, Agape Love, we continue to work together as God has ordained for us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves


Our vision

Our vision is to establish a network of individuals, communities, businesses, and nations that will reflect the character, principles, and love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, impacting every aspect of society, including the municipalities, marketplace, and ministry


Love is in the air...
sharing, caring, giving

Faith United Church of Christ


Special Ministration by Dr. Rowel Del Mundo and the members of the Vine Church in Raritan
Sunday March 13, 2022 @FaithUCC

Celebration is what we enjoy together

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